Sports Performance

  • Our sports performance program is designed to work the key areas of strength, power, speed, agility, core stability, balance and injury prevention. The athletes will be educated on proper nutrition and recovery practices as well. The goal with youth athletes is not to specialize but to create the best possible athlete. 
  • We modify programs as needed and have helped many athletes rehab and continue training while injured. The use of specialty bars and equipment has allowed us to return athletes to competition healthier and stronger than before injury.

Youth Training

  • Youth training covers athletes from junior high to high school. They will use a similar program to what our college athletes use but modified to their level.
  • Junior high athletes will be working primary body weight movements (push/pull/squat/hinge/carries), to learn the correct movement patterns, balance, coordination and how to effectively move in space.

High School

  • High school athletes will be taught how to effectively train with a barbell (push/pull/squat/hinge/carries) to better prepare them for their competitions and eventually for college athletics.
  • Depending on the level of the athlete they will use bands and chains for accommodating resistance to maximize strength gains while increasing speed, strength, core stability and power.
  • Athletes at this level will only start to specialize in a sport once they have committed to playing at the collegiate level.


  • College training is focused on two important aspects: performance and longevity.
  • The program outline will be similar for all sports, but it will vary depending on the duration of an individual’s offseason training and the specific needs for the athlete/sport.
  • With time being a consideration, we will break down an athlete’s weaknesses and maximize training time to the lagging muscle(s). The focus will be on decreasing injury risk and increasing overall strength, power, core stabilization and performance.
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